Ironman... the long and winding road

"Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic." Tim Noakes

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." T.S. Elliot


To ride or not to ride, that is the question.

Today, I found out that a lot of the favorites for the Tour de France have been sent home by their teams. Last year (i think it was) everyone (the cyclists) was asked to sign a code of ethics and they (the cyclists) were to abide by them! Well, that is why today with the drug scandal coming out of Spain, approx 22 cyclists were sent a packin! They get paid to ride and to perform well!! So why not just ride??? It is a real bummer because what if these cyclists were just put on that list, there is no arbitration here, no questions asked, no full investigation yet, it is just go home :( !! So the answer for them is not to ride...

For me, I try and find the time to get out on my bike just to complete my Ironman again. Lately it has been really hectic and I have not been able to hit the pavement. When I do not have the time, now a days, I turn to the indoor trainer or rollers that can be sat on and I just ride to my hearts content. I pop in an awesome CD or movie and just pedal away. So the answer here is just ride!!


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