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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas???

I still have not had a lot of time to work out, train or get in the training groove :(. This does not make me happy at all, in fact it makes me very unhappy. As I said in the last post, I was really sick with a head cold/sinus infection.

Well, that lasted all week and part of the next and then the next thing you know, I am in Vegas for a Birthday Party!! I thought that it was fun, but in the back of my mind, I was thinking I need to be training and should not be here.

The hotel that we stayed at, had a gym and I was really happy about that!! I was looking forward to using it. On Saturday, I made it a point to get up early so that I could go down to the gym. My mother woke up before us all and as we were getting ready to go to the gym, she entered our room and stated that it was $20.00 dollars!! What the heck is up with that? Unheard of, the cheap motel down the street has a gym and you know how much it costs to get in? Zip, nada, zilch!! Plus, my mother was hoping for a coffee maker, which usually you think would be standard in a hotel!! Not in this one, we called the front desk and the person that answered was really snottie and said "Coffee Maker, we don't have those!!" Ok, again the cheap motel down the street also has one. Another thing, is our bedding was torn and the bathtub was missing the coating and it was rusted and down to the metal.

The bathtub did not drain and when the handyman came in to fix it, he put the hair in the toilet and left it there. Did he not hear about flushing, does he not know what that is? It was disgusting and I could not believe that he did that!!

Friday night we went to dinner in Mandalay Bay, it was ok, but somewhere else would have been better. After that we went to a male review, American Storm. It was weak and the choreography cheesy. The guys could dance, but some were not in to it and when they were dancing together sometimes they were out of sync. The music also blew out your ear drums and the smoke machine left your throat hurting the next day!! :(

Saturday was a bit more relaxing and we got to sit by the pool. (after our 2 1/2 mile walk that is :) ) I was not feeling very well from the night before and did not stay there long. We ate and then went to the Wynn, were I lost money playing slots and then went home to get ready for dinner. We went to a Moroccan restaurant!! The food was great and too much of it... We did not go home hungry. There was 2 Belly Dancer also that really knew how to move their hips... I thought I don't think that mine would ever move like that. After dinner, finally, I get to go home (to the Hotel) and sleep. I have not really slept in 2 days and I might be able to get in some winks before the people get back from clubin (those people would be my sister's... we came on this weekend get-a-way, because it was my sister's friend's birthday!!) One of them breathes loud and I am a lite sleeper!! So sound, lights, music keps me awake.

Sunday, we got to go to the Bellagio, I did not know that they had Dale Chihuly glass on the ceiling, it was awesome!!

But, we were not there to see that! We went there to see the Ansel Adams exhibit!! What an amazing photographer he was. I am really into photography. Hopefully soon I will be able to quit my non-motivating, stifling, dead end job and focus on that and take classes. I would like to learn how to use PSCS2 better and my new camera that my awesome boyfriend and son got for me. It is a Canon 350D I do not really like taking pics of people, just landscape/nature/the city. Those would be my gig. Maybe one day, just not today...

So what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and so can our hotel!! It is one place that I will never recommend or stay again!! Drum roll please for our hotel...


At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Shane said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the crappy hotel :(

When I was in Chicago last month, I actually had a similar experience with the tub hair. I had taken a shower in the morning, and then went to class for the rest of the day. When I got back to my hotel room, I had to use the restroom. I lifted the seat and was greeted by a big mangy nasty clump of drain spew! Yuck!

I was staying at the Embassy Suites... guess who owns them? Yep, Hilton. I highly recommend against staying at a Hilton, unless you like the mangy hair in your toilet kind of thing :)

Anyways, wish I could have been there with you all...


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