Ironman... the long and winding road

"Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic." Tim Noakes

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." T.S. Elliot


I need new gloves, aerobars, bike and computer dang it :) !!

I have not been here in a few days because I have been out hiking, swimming, or riding.

Sunday, I went on a 6 mile hike that has a part in it that is 1.7 miles of up and gains 1800 ft in that up! It was a hard hike and broke down the muscles in my legs. I was winded also on this hike.

Yesterday I went on my epic ride (well really not so epic, just like the way it sounds). It was a 54.36 mile ride that has a 12 mile hill when you get to mile 27. The hill is not that steep, it just goes on forever or so it seems.

During the ride I thought about a lot of things. I thought that my hands were hurting a little and I could feel my handle bar right through my gloves :( ! This is not a great feeling. I decided, I need new gloves because some padding would do nicely right about now. I next thought about the ride I was on. I was not sure how long it was going to be, but I put my mind to the route and was not going to deviate from it. The cars were great except one truck going by, that I thought was going to push me off the road. Every car/truck/RV that passed who gave me room, I told them thank you, come again.

As I rode onward, I was thinking that I have a gift cert that I need to use that would put aerobars on my bike. My race is coming and I want to be able to get use to using them again. I have a pair of syntace C2 that I used for my race last year. I think that I used them for only a month including the race (which I think consisted of 5 rides). Well come to find out, I really do not like them, they hinder me from using all of my handle bars. I did not like that one bit, so I have chosen to go back to the Air Stryke ones by profile that I used to have about 6 years ago. After thoughts of aerobars floated in my head, I started thinking, I really have to get my new intermittent bike up and running so that I could get used to that also! (and the aerobars should go on that bike instead of my old one!!)

Intermittent bike report --

My intermittent bike is now devoid of paint!! YAY!!(thank you, thank you to my kick a$$ boyfriend.) The next thing that will happen to it, is that it will be primed and then painted black. Where upon we will name it, have everyone write something on it with a paint pen, put it together and then christen it with a new ride.

Now we are down to why I thought that I need a new computer :) hehehe. I was thinking of all the stuff that I could be doing... (just think ripples now as you go off into dreamland)

There I was sitting at my PC, 50 gigs free and doing everyday normal tasks -- browsing the internet, using lightroom, playing games when all of the sudden blue screen of death! ( Now mind you, this is not the first time. My computer is an expensive POS, I mean coaster, that was recently formatted because it had 24 bytes in bad sector! :( ) Now everyday that I use it the blue screen of death comes back. It has nothing on it because I do not want to lose any of my work and nor do I boot it any longer, because pretty soon it will just not work! Dreamland part -- I thought if I have a new computer, I would be able to add more pictures to my blog, be able to process more of my photos faster, create new photos and just work that I need to do. I also then would not have to use my boyfriend's new Mac. Exit dreamland.

Report on dreamland! --

It looks like we will be getting a new Mac just for me, that I will be able to work on and do photo processing on! YAY. It might have a nice size screen also. I am really excited about this news. Just wish it would get here faster. Hehehe, but beggers cannot be choosers.

Side note --

I recently was also given a 300 gig external drive, that is supposed to be for my photos, but that had to be sent back, because you cannot write to the entire drive. :( .

Today, I went on another hike, it was a flat hike, thank god!! It was about 4.5 miles long. We took our time and enjoyed the rain as it fell. It was completely dark except for the light off in the distance, which btw looked awesome. I did have a light to use so that when we got to the rockier section, I could see what I was stepping on.

I am really tired today and am hoping to get a nap in!

Hopefully, everything that I need will be in reach soon :)! So, I will settle on the prospect of what maybe to come!

For now, have an awesome day...


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